Saturday, April 25, 2009

Best Friends

I always thought, having a best friend was a "girly" thing. Seems I was wrong. As you will see evidenced by the pictures I am posting, Christopher now has a "Best Buddy"! Growing up, I always had friends. I always had close friends , and I always had a best friend. However, we were never "exclusive". We didn't shut others out of our friendship, we didn't exclude people from our activities, we just knew we could always count on each other. AND.... to this day, we are still just as close, and still know we can count on each other. Our lives have gone in two totally separate directions. Her kids are older, mine are younger. She's doing the middle school/high school thing, choosing classes, school trips, boy scouts, etc.... while mine are just heading off to school, starting sports, saying their first words, etc.... Even so, we remain close. There is a bond, that cannot be broken. We both have other friends, even very close friends, but... WE JUST KNOW !!!!
I'm so glad Christopher has found that kind of friendship. Zachary and Christopher are two of the most amazing boys I know and they have a "love" for each other that brings tears to my eyes. They don't see color, they don't see barriers, they just see the opportunity to be there for one another. This year they are in the same class. They may not always be, but one things for sure, they'll stay close! Even when they "fight" (thank God for boys, one minute their hitting, the next their hugging) they always say "I'm sorry Buddy", and move on. In such a mean world, it is a refreshing sight!!!! God bless these two sweet children, and God bless my dear sweet, BEST FRIEND FOREVER, Daphene... Love ya girl!!!

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