Friday, August 29, 2008

I think I blinked!

According to a friend, evidently I blinked! It seems overnight, my little boy has grown up and gone off to school. He had so much fun his first day and didn't even seem to care that mom was a "basket case". He bee-bopped off to class and was gone before I could even say "Have a good day son". When I picked him up, I was pleasantly surprised (although I don't know why). He jumped in the car and said "Mom, I had a ball, I LOVE school!". Even so, on my second day of dropping him off I was weepy. When did he get so big? Sob sniff snob- I think I blinked!!! (going now to glue the eyes open- NO MORE BLINKING!).

Friday, August 15, 2008

A boy, boy!

Ok, so I have this meeting at church this afternoon. I'm planning my day, laying out clothes, etc.... I proceed to tell my oldest son that I would like him to wear what I pick out today, instead of his usual and he tells me..."Mommy, I don't want to be cute, I don't want to be handsome. I want to be a boy, boy! I want my spiderman shirt, my jeans, and my flip flops and that's it. None of this cute stuff". A boy, boy? Is that anything like a manly, man? How do they get this stuff so young? I don't exactly remember, but I think at 4 or 5 years old, I was more into playing and not what I looked like. Who knows? I try so hard to instill a sense of self esteem and self worth, but it seems society is beating me to it. I can only imagine if I had a girl. More power to you girl mommies!!! As you can see from the pics above and below, there was a time he let me dress him as Prince Charming (of course it was a costume party)and now we are on t-shirts, ripped jeans, and barefooted. Where has the time gone? Going now to lay out the spiderman shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. I'm not picking that battle today! LOL :)


How sweet it was as I was going to bed the other night (although sleep is always sweet). My two boys were having trouble falling asleep. Somehow, everyone ended up in bed with mommy. We were laying in bed, I was telling stories, singing songs, anything to bore them to sleep (err. lure them to sleep). I looked over and both boys were drifting off. Seems all they needed was each other! They were hooked arm in arm and rubbing each other's hands. HOW SWEEEEETTTT!!!! We prayed before we decided to have another child. We so wanted our children to be siblings who cared for each other, played together, etc.... Not constantly fight, bicker, etc... (Not that they never will, but as a whole, we wanted them to enjoy being siblings). We couldn't have been more blessed! Our oldest son absolutely adores our youngest and vice versa. They play all the time, giggle, wrestle, and always have a smile for each other first thing in the morning. I tried my best to take a picture of their little hands joined as they drifted off, but alas.... both boys know as soon as the camera comes out, they are to perform, so it was completely railroading my plans to get them to sleep. Instead, the pic attached above is just one of them sleeping side by side recently. They really are quite a pair and I'm incredibly blessed to be their mommy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beth Moore

Ok, so who else has been keeping Beth Moore a secret? I "reluctantly" went to a simulcast weekend and had a ball!!!!!! I've heard how great she is, been invited to bible studies, etc.... But it was always "I just don't have time". From now on, I'll make time!!!!!! She is awesome and so easy to listen to. Even sick and on cold medication (which we all know makes us tired even though it says "non-drowsy") I could've listened the rest of the day! Her points really hit home and she definitely speaks an "inspired Word"! God is really using her in a mighty way! Going now to work on being "competently competent" (for those of you wondering, that's "fully equipped" but i like competently competent better!). Check out her blog- there's a link on my page- ENJOY!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Clean-up time!

Today our project was to get the outside looking better so we can put our house on the market. It's kind of a bitter sweet thing. We so need a bigger house, and I really can't wait, but this is the home we brought both boys home to. Christopher is so excited and the anticipation of having two (yes at least two) bathrooms is his favorite thing to talk about. Imagine nature calling two people at the same time and only one toilet- NOT FUN! Our home is "cozy" (that's a nice word for crammed full). I have tried so hard to keep it organized, but daily it looks like a toy box or the laundry basket exploded. As I said, today was our day to work OUTSIDE. James (our god-son) helped me scrub gutters (do you know how much grime gets on them in just a years time?), move toys out of the bushes, put the "pond" back in working order, haul off trimmed bushes, etc.... While Fred trimmed the bushes, cut down dead trees, cut the grass, edged the yard. It was a lot of work, but so worth it, our yard looks GREAT! Of course we still have LOTS to do, you know "esthetic" stuff- paint the numbers on the house, repaint the lighthouse, pin down those bricks that keep falling over (check out the (L) corner of the pic). But it feels so good to start accomplishing something! Thank you Lord for the energy to do it all and for my hubby some time off to help us out!
*Walk with your eyes open, live a life examined; abide in Christ so that you can see with the eyes of Christ all the chances you have to change the world one obedient opportunity at a time.

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Our Family
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