Friday, August 1, 2008

Clean-up time!

Today our project was to get the outside looking better so we can put our house on the market. It's kind of a bitter sweet thing. We so need a bigger house, and I really can't wait, but this is the home we brought both boys home to. Christopher is so excited and the anticipation of having two (yes at least two) bathrooms is his favorite thing to talk about. Imagine nature calling two people at the same time and only one toilet- NOT FUN! Our home is "cozy" (that's a nice word for crammed full). I have tried so hard to keep it organized, but daily it looks like a toy box or the laundry basket exploded. As I said, today was our day to work OUTSIDE. James (our god-son) helped me scrub gutters (do you know how much grime gets on them in just a years time?), move toys out of the bushes, put the "pond" back in working order, haul off trimmed bushes, etc.... While Fred trimmed the bushes, cut down dead trees, cut the grass, edged the yard. It was a lot of work, but so worth it, our yard looks GREAT! Of course we still have LOTS to do, you know "esthetic" stuff- paint the numbers on the house, repaint the lighthouse, pin down those bricks that keep falling over (check out the (L) corner of the pic). But it feels so good to start accomplishing something! Thank you Lord for the energy to do it all and for my hubby some time off to help us out!

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