Monday, July 28, 2008


How is it that my 4 1/2 yr old knows so much? Did we really teach him this all? It never fails... 11:39pm, mommy is drifting off to sleep (finally)and from out of nowhere I hear, "Mom, why did God create Hell?" Ok, now there's a deep question I want to answer in the midst of going into a deep sleep! I promise him, "honey, go to sleep and mommy will have a good answer for you in the morning". "But mom, I want to know now". CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!! Just the night before, as I was rocking him, I asked "Son, please don't grow up so fast". His reply...."Mom, I'm not God, and I can't control that. If you don't get it, you might need to talk to Pastor Mike". NO HE DIDN't! Yeah, he really did. I have to get up early to get ahead of this one! What does this lead me to suspect about the baby--- He's already doing EVERYTHING his big brother does- I'm definitely in trouble!!!!

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