Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Now that's funny!

I had to get a good laugh out of my 4 yr. old tonight. A commercial came on about animal abuse, and as always he got really "sad" and left the room. I asked him, "honey, what bothers you about that". He said "Well mom (yes MOM) those animals have no home,they have nobody to take care of them, nobody to keep them warm. Some of them are sick. He shouted, Mommy (not mom) somebody should do something ! Well,I proceeded to tell my tenderhearted 4 yr. old, that's what they are doing with the commercial to get people to help. He thought about this a moment and then went into the bedroom and hugged our brown poodle and said "boppie we love you,we're not gonna make you live like that". I had to choke back a tear (sniff sniff). He was so sincere. Well later, he came into the bathroom and said well mom (yeah, the mom stuff again), you said Caleb was born up the street at the hospital, and I was born at the beach. I said "yes son, and when we go to the beach in June, we will pass your hospital you were born in". His eyes lit up as only his can, and he said "Could we take something to the nurses and say 'Thank you' for taking care of me so well, so i got a home and didn't have to live in cages like those animals" Now how precious is that- besides the fact that he cares about the animals, he wants to "reward" those who take care of them/him, etc... He is so tenderhearted! BUT..... It gets funnier. A few minutes later I heard him talking to Boppie. He said "Bop Bop- Where were you born?". I tell you if she'd answered, i'd be on the fourth floor now. Of couse she didn't, so he asked me. I told him probably a vet since she's a pur bred dog but maybe at someone's home. That's when he cracked me up and said "well mommy if we don't find out and don't tell them thank you, well, it's just a sin!". And with that, he walked into his room, got in his bed, and was done!

Monday, April 21, 2008


God loves us through our friends, sometimes giving us a taste of His unconditional love for us:
(Prov 17:17 NRSV) A friend loves at all times, and kinsfolk are born to share adversity.
(1 Sam 18:1 NRSV) When David had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was bound to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

Today my devotion was on friendships. I stopped to think about my friends and decided I may possibly have the best in the world. I have a unique situation when it comes to friendships. First there's Daphene (more like a sister than a friend). We've been friends since 4'th grade. I was there when both her children were born, and she was the first to see my children after they were brought home. We have been through marriages together, divorce, loss of children, you name it- we've done it! I could never replace her!!!!! Then there's Rhonda. We too were friends in elementary, were in each others weddings, but we developed as the closest of friends, later in life (after 19). We serve together at church and I'm so thankful for her. Never thought in the days of "hanging out" in my backyard would we be where we are now. So grateful for her!
Then I have my "old" friends.(They really are old- LOL). These are people who were first my mom's friends and now mine. Some were mentors, some were youth directors, some were employers, ALL are loved!!! There are too many of them to name, but you know who you are (Lee Ann, Cathy, etc...) Funny to look back and see how they were "adults" to me and now we are such good friends! God not only used them in my life, he gave them to me as friends when I "grew up".
Then there are my friends at church. In my whole 36 years of life, I've only attended 4 churches and only 2 for long periods (Faith/Manchester for 15 years, and now West End for 8). My friends at West End are the best. Not only do we go to church together, but we serve together, worship together, grow together, and we are soooooo there for each other. I can't begin to fathom all the prayers that they put up for us and all the support they gave through both of our adoptions. I am truly blessed (Sheryl, Tammy P., Lynn, Denise, Carol, Jenny, well.... You know who u r):)
My friends in the church office (Kathy and Joyce) What would I do without their support? Not only church related issues, but personal issues as well as spiritual issues. You two are angels! I guess God knows who we need to keep us strong, to make us feel loved, who needs us, and how it all falls together. The last friend that I considered going down the role was my friend Martha. In a normal world, I would have gone into her store, bought and item and gone home. As it turned out, a discussion led to a life-long friendship that I cherish deeply. God literally placed me in her store just to meet her! I count myself immeasureably blessed to know that "God blesses us through our friends, sometimes giving us a taste of His unconditional love for us" Thank you my dear friends for blessing my life with your friendship. I love you all!
I hope i can always be the friend to you that you have been to me. God's example of friendship is a perfect model. "A friend loveth at all times"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My very first blog

Today is my first attempt at blogging and keeping up with daily life. I start this on the heels of a trip to the amazing Memorial Hospital @ Chapel Hill (UNC) (where my mom was treated for cancer) and visiting with wonderful Christian friends and seeing a "pro" blogger. My intent for this is to keep up with my thoughts, my daily blessings, all the cute things my two sons do and to share experiences in my life that God can use to help others. Where to start? I have four of the greatest blessings in my life. One, my relationship with Jesus Christ, and my testimony of His love for us and how He's changed my life. Two, my absolutely amazing husband who has gone through so many things with me, and always remains constant and steadfast in his love for God, me, and our children. Three, my two beautiful sons. They were adopted and we waited for them for a long time. The love we have for them is unfathamoble. Hard for me to conceptualize that God loves them even more than we do! For anyone experiencing the "itch" to adopt, or is unable to have children, please feel free to view the links at the bottom. They were a great help for us in our process! AND....My fourth greatest blessing is my mother. She is the strongest person I know. She has battled so many obstacles in her life, yet she keeps persisting and sharing the love of God with everyone she meets. No matter what the situation, she can show you the positive and how God is using it to help her or someone else. I am truly blessed! I am looking forward to blogging on a regular basis and sharing even more blessings and of course, sharing all the events of daily life with 2 active boys!
*Walk with your eyes open, live a life examined; abide in Christ so that you can see with the eyes of Christ all the chances you have to change the world one obedient opportunity at a time.

Our Family

Our Family
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