Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Now that's funny!

I had to get a good laugh out of my 4 yr. old tonight. A commercial came on about animal abuse, and as always he got really "sad" and left the room. I asked him, "honey, what bothers you about that". He said "Well mom (yes MOM) those animals have no home,they have nobody to take care of them, nobody to keep them warm. Some of them are sick. He shouted, Mommy (not mom) somebody should do something ! Well,I proceeded to tell my tenderhearted 4 yr. old, that's what they are doing with the commercial to get people to help. He thought about this a moment and then went into the bedroom and hugged our brown poodle and said "boppie we love you,we're not gonna make you live like that". I had to choke back a tear (sniff sniff). He was so sincere. Well later, he came into the bathroom and said well mom (yeah, the mom stuff again), you said Caleb was born up the street at the hospital, and I was born at the beach. I said "yes son, and when we go to the beach in June, we will pass your hospital you were born in". His eyes lit up as only his can, and he said "Could we take something to the nurses and say 'Thank you' for taking care of me so well, so i got a home and didn't have to live in cages like those animals" Now how precious is that- besides the fact that he cares about the animals, he wants to "reward" those who take care of them/him, etc... He is so tenderhearted! BUT..... It gets funnier. A few minutes later I heard him talking to Boppie. He said "Bop Bop- Where were you born?". I tell you if she'd answered, i'd be on the fourth floor now. Of couse she didn't, so he asked me. I told him probably a vet since she's a pur bred dog but maybe at someone's home. That's when he cracked me up and said "well mommy if we don't find out and don't tell them thank you, well, it's just a sin!". And with that, he walked into his room, got in his bed, and was done!

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