Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a family thing!

Well, it seems as a family, doing stuff together is important. Even something as insane as being sick together. Thus, we are all battling the same virus for the 2nd week in a row. My four year old just informed me that he caught it from his little brother. My hubby informs me that he was the culprit who brought the virus home. So where does that leave me? I'll tell you where.... Sick as can be. Sore throat, aches/pains, fever/chills, absolutely no energy, and TAKING CARE OF THE THREE OF THEM. It is 1:45am and I am awake with both boys. One with a headache (he just got 2 Tylenol) and one with an earache (3rd one in 4 weeks and he got Tylenol and numbing drops). Hubby's in bed watching the back of his eyelids as he drifts into the deep sleep of a Nyquil induced "coma". Mom, well she's just here. Ready to drift off, but waiting for the next "wail" of "mommy- this or that hurts". I really don't mind. It's all about being a mother. It's all about the lost sleep, healing the boo boo's, wiping the tears dry, and rocking them till they are comforted and asleep. I LOVE IT! Am I tired? Ridiculously, but that's ok. I'm a WIFE and MOMMY and I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING! God has blessed me with three amazing "boys" and I love taking care of them. Now i'm going to go knock at least two of them out, so I can sleep (not really) and i'm gonna pass out for whatever part of 30 minutes I'm allowed to do so.....

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Our Family

Our Family
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