Thursday, April 17, 2008

My very first blog

Today is my first attempt at blogging and keeping up with daily life. I start this on the heels of a trip to the amazing Memorial Hospital @ Chapel Hill (UNC) (where my mom was treated for cancer) and visiting with wonderful Christian friends and seeing a "pro" blogger. My intent for this is to keep up with my thoughts, my daily blessings, all the cute things my two sons do and to share experiences in my life that God can use to help others. Where to start? I have four of the greatest blessings in my life. One, my relationship with Jesus Christ, and my testimony of His love for us and how He's changed my life. Two, my absolutely amazing husband who has gone through so many things with me, and always remains constant and steadfast in his love for God, me, and our children. Three, my two beautiful sons. They were adopted and we waited for them for a long time. The love we have for them is unfathamoble. Hard for me to conceptualize that God loves them even more than we do! For anyone experiencing the "itch" to adopt, or is unable to have children, please feel free to view the links at the bottom. They were a great help for us in our process! AND....My fourth greatest blessing is my mother. She is the strongest person I know. She has battled so many obstacles in her life, yet she keeps persisting and sharing the love of God with everyone she meets. No matter what the situation, she can show you the positive and how God is using it to help her or someone else. I am truly blessed! I am looking forward to blogging on a regular basis and sharing even more blessings and of course, sharing all the events of daily life with 2 active boys!

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Our Family

Our Family
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