Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Official!!!!

What a perfect day! Yesterday, July 11, 2008 was honestly one of the most perfect days I have ever experienced. After 9 months of anticipation, we headed off to court to finalize our son's adoption. We had family there, we had friends there, we had our amazing little boys there. PERFECT! Our judge was in such a jovial mood and he was so complimentary of our family, our values, our beliefs, etc... It was definitely not your normal "courthouse" experience. It was a HAPPY day. We are officially family forever and always! Our two boys will hopefully realize one day what this day meant for us. We love them so much, and we thank God daily for them. God blessed us with revealing "our purpose" to be these two precious boys parents. I can not fathom the love God must have for me, knowing it is so much more than I have for my sons. I can honestly say I could not love them more had they been flesh of my flesh... After court, our day was just "normal" (what exactly is normal?) up until family picture time and our big PARTY! Pictures were fun and I can't wait to share them. The party was as everything else in the day PERFECT! The people that came and shared with us were all there because they loved us and wanted to celebrate with us. They all love our sons. How much more could we possibly ask for? This journey that started July 1, 1992, when I met my amazing hubby, could not have gone in a more correct path than this. Is it over? Definitely not! The journey has just begun. The love, parenting, fun, adventures, memories are just starting. Really, they just got their official "green light" yesterday. Would I do it again? WITHOUT A DOUBT! Adoption has changed our lives forever. We are a family! We have two amazing beautiful sons whom I'm pretty sure love us just as much as we do them. Funny question- Judge Woods asked "do you feel your family has bonded". Um well.... As I looked out in the courtroom, there's my husband, holding our 4 1/2 year old whose playing with daddy's ear. On the other leg, our 9 month, both hands wrapped around the 4 1/2 year olds head, as he lickes on his nose- ummm.... YEAH, we've bonded! I love my family. I have an amazing husband, and two gorgeous sons! God must really love me!!!!!!!!

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Our Family
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