Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beth Moore

Ok, so who else has been keeping Beth Moore a secret? I "reluctantly" went to a simulcast weekend and had a ball!!!!!! I've heard how great she is, been invited to bible studies, etc.... But it was always "I just don't have time". From now on, I'll make time!!!!!! She is awesome and so easy to listen to. Even sick and on cold medication (which we all know makes us tired even though it says "non-drowsy") I could've listened the rest of the day! Her points really hit home and she definitely speaks an "inspired Word"! God is really using her in a mighty way! Going now to work on being "competently competent" (for those of you wondering, that's "fully equipped" but i like competently competent better!). Check out her blog- there's a link on my page- ENJOY!

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