Friday, August 15, 2008


How sweet it was as I was going to bed the other night (although sleep is always sweet). My two boys were having trouble falling asleep. Somehow, everyone ended up in bed with mommy. We were laying in bed, I was telling stories, singing songs, anything to bore them to sleep (err. lure them to sleep). I looked over and both boys were drifting off. Seems all they needed was each other! They were hooked arm in arm and rubbing each other's hands. HOW SWEEEEETTTT!!!! We prayed before we decided to have another child. We so wanted our children to be siblings who cared for each other, played together, etc.... Not constantly fight, bicker, etc... (Not that they never will, but as a whole, we wanted them to enjoy being siblings). We couldn't have been more blessed! Our oldest son absolutely adores our youngest and vice versa. They play all the time, giggle, wrestle, and always have a smile for each other first thing in the morning. I tried my best to take a picture of their little hands joined as they drifted off, but alas.... both boys know as soon as the camera comes out, they are to perform, so it was completely railroading my plans to get them to sleep. Instead, the pic attached above is just one of them sleeping side by side recently. They really are quite a pair and I'm incredibly blessed to be their mommy!

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new every morning said...

Precious boys!!!
Love your pictures on your blog!

Hey, thanks for the 'lurker' comment. I don't use my real name on my blog, so I was trying to figure out how to delete my name from your comment ... but not smart enough to figure it out. I know, a little paranoid.

Can you send me another comment sometime so I can publish it?
PS> How is your mom? Her eyes?

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