Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My current purpose

Wow! As I stated in my earlier blog, so much has changed for us in the last 7 weeks. Due to unforseen circumstances, we were forced to make a decision to change churches. It was painful, it was gut wrenching, it was down right heartbreaking! I was treated horribly by a church leader, and let down by people I respected and looked up to. Then again, so was Christ! In the last seven weeks, I've reflected on a lot of things and realized that part of the reason we've gone through this is because God has been talking to us for a long time, and we resisted His voice. Change was needed for many reasons. The main reason, for our children. Their spiritual health and growth is our responsibility. We were comfortable, we were "happy" or so we thought, and we were in a rut! Christopher was getting absolutely nothing out of church, except to spend many hours watching mom and dad "serve". Caleb was just there playing with friends. For what purpose? So mom and dad could work in their "ministries". Seriously? My eyes were opened wide this week when we visited a new church and my children's eyes lit up and they asked "when are we going back to church". Christopher told me all about his "Bible book" and what he learned in Children's Church. I woke up Monday morning singing a song from the service on Sunday.... WHAT? I got my happy back! I see potential for ministry at this church, but one thing I want to be sure of this time... NEVER again, do I want to get bogged down so much in ministry that I neglect the reason I am doing the ministry, or neglect the needs of my husband or children. That being said, my current and most important purpose... Mine, my husbands, and my children's needs spiritually! Meeting those needs through church worship and at home. Being a Christian Wife first and then mother.

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*Walk with your eyes open, live a life examined; abide in Christ so that you can see with the eyes of Christ all the chances you have to change the world one obedient opportunity at a time.

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Our Family
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