Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Down but not out!

I can't post much today, cause i'm not even supposed to be on the computer due to tendonitis and a much needed but very painful cortisone injection. The past few months (well I haven't blogged since January and we are now at June) have been POWER PACKED but I will catch u up in a few days when I am able more to type. Right now, my title is "Down but not out" and that is how I feel. Satan has been on the war path, but he is not winning. God has my family in the palm of His hand and we know He has big plans for us. Small catch up. Christopher finished first grade, and is enjoying his summer. I'll post about his little "trials" and our fix soon. Caleb has one more year at home with mommy and thinks he is a "mini-me". We are enjoying our summer and our new pool. Headed to the beach in July and can't wait! Catch up in a few days. Ta-ta for now!

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Our Family

Our Family
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