Friday, January 20, 2012


So.... We started week 1 on a Thursday (Jan. 12)... We ended today (the 20th) with a much different perspective of homeschool! Do we like it? WE LOVE IT! I have listened to so many people ask questions: (What kind of curriculum do they use? Will he have any social skills? Will he be able to keep up with other kids his age (i.e. the same level of work).) Are you kidding me? This curriculum is amazing and heads and tails above what he has been doing at his local public school. He had his very first spelling test this week. WHAT, you say? That's right. My child who is in 2nd grade, had never had a spelling test. I'm pleased to say he did very well. His 3 science words this week were adapt, annual, and nutrients. Well, adapt was a very easy word to explain. We did it all week long. Christopher adapted to me being mom and teacher. Caleb adapted to not being the center of the universe anymore. He went with Nonna and spent the night on Wed. night, so Christopher and I could have some extra time to do school (he was such a big boy). Fred adjusted to not having my undivided attention at night (well maybe not so much a stretch for that one, LOL). Christopher started really learning phonics this week. He learned that when you add and e on the end of hid, it made the short sound of i, long. Imagine that, it makes reading so much easier when you understand the rules. He learned, 00 and u can have the same sound and not say pool or you. They can say push and cook. He is excited to be reading new words. I am excited to ride down the road and him just blurt out words he reads on signs. It's like a whole new world has opened up to us. We practiced his math (geometry is our subject right now) while cutting his sandwich for lunch. "What shape is your sandwich?". "If we cut it in half this way, what shape is it?". "How can we cut two lines and make 4 triangles". We also completed a weather chart, and a science project on condensation and evaporation. He received a 97-A on his first portfolio submission and a 100-a on his first two quizzes. He is a NEW CHILD! He is positive about school. He is happy. Our home is peaceful. What a difference a week makes. We went on our first field trip with the local Connections Academy group today and had a blast. We went to Earthfare and had a yummy lunch and then got a tour of the store...and just for you people out there who ask..."Will he be social...."
I THINK SO!!!!!! What fun these kids were... Looking forward to hanging out with them much more!

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